Membership Information

When you become a member of the LPGA Amateur Golf Association Bermuda Chapter,
you will be entitled to local and international benefits.

Annual Membership Rate

February Special Only:
Renew your membership or sign up as a New Member for $99 **offer expires March 1, 2019**

Price as of March 1st, 2019

New Member: $175
Renewal: $150

LPGA Amateur Golf Association Bank Account Details:

  • The EWGA Bermuda bank account has been set up with HSBC.
  • The account number is: 011-071941-001.

To Activate Your Membership:

  1. Fill out the LPGA Amateur Golf Association Bermuda Membership Application Form
  2. Transfer funds into the EWGA Bermuda bank account for your EWGA membership.
    • include your name in the "notes for the beneficiary and your account "section so that
      we are able to identify the payment
  3. Send an email to advising us that you have transferred money to pay your membership. Include your completed “LPGA Amateur Golf Association Bermuda Membership Application Form” in the e-mail
  4. Sign up for events and start participating right away!

You are about to become part of an amazing association!