President's Letter

President's Letter

March 2018                                                


Welcome to the seventh year of the (formally EWGA) LPGA Amateur Golf Association (Bermuda) Chapter.

We launch our Chapter in 2012, with an explosive growth. In 2013 we made our association solid with a strong infrastructure and financial management team. As a result, the women in Bermuda have a golf association of their own and that they can be proud of.

We are a part of the biggest and most reputable golf organization in the world for women. The (EWGA) LPGA Amateur Golf Association still offer invitations to play and compete both here and internationally. It provides learning opportunities by offering golf clinics, lessons and many other benefits which include discounts at many local and international golf courses and pro shops. Being an LPGA Amateur Golf Association Bermuda Chapter member also allows complimentary access to all domestic LPGA owned tournaments.

The present Board is now ready to move to the next stage along with the excitement of our new global branding and collaboration with the LPGA.  We are looking for input from each of you, which will enable us to provide you with just what you are looking for from our chapter. I encourage you to check in on our website or and let us know what you'd like to see.

We will soon be announcing our new home course, along with some exciting benefits. If you are looking for an organization that helps you easily learn, play and connect, you should belong to the LPGA Amateur Golf Association Bermuda Chapter.

I look forward to building on what we already have in a great organization and seeing you at one of our many events that we have planned.

Warm regards,

Thalia D. Lightbourne


LPGA Amateur Golf Association Bermuda Chapter